Slides for LRUG tonight.

Introducing Weave
Introducing Bytes

4 Responses to “Slides for LRUG tonight.”

  1. Thomas sagt:

    Ich muss auch mal wieder nach London, hab schon zwo meetings ausgelassen. Das geht so nicht weiter.

  2. Dr Nic sagt:

    Can you do screencasts to show Weave?

  3. Dr Nic sagt:

    Oh, just saw in your README: „I tried out `newgem` to create the infrastructure for this project, but I didn‘t realize that `newgem` is a runtime dependancy 🙁 `newgem` also has a bunch of dependancies of it‘s own …“

    newgem-created gems don’t specify any dev dependencies. If you create a gem foobar – when ppl install it, it will not install newgem, nor hoe etc. You only need those gems if you are a developer or tester of the gem. So it only mentions the need for them when you run rake.

  4. a2800276 sagt:

    Yeah, sorry, I realize the wording in the README is not technically correct, but I was too lazy to think of a better word … I’ll change it around tonight. Do you think it might be possible to extract the dependancy from the build? I’ve wanted to have a look at that…

    Concerning the screencast: weave is more of a just-for-fun/educational/makes a neat presentation thing than something practical, but if that’s no obstacle, sure I could do a screencast.