EURUKO 2008: Native Extensions


You were expecting cats?

Here are the code examples in case you want to try them out yourself.

Here is a copy of the slides, unfortunately, they’re quiet huge at the moment, I’ll try to get smaller one as soon as I figure out keynote…

Suggestions from the audience

  • Ruby Hacking Guide : more detailed information about Ruby internals.
  • RubyInline : allows you to write C code in the middle of Ruby code
  • Somebody said the videos of the talks would be put up here
  • Dr. Nic was kind enough to write a generator to handle native extensions for his newgem tool. newgem is definitely worth trying out, it generates a LOT of boiler plate, which is sort of overwhelming. But it’s more fun to figure out what his tool does than to type boilerplate code.

5 Responses to “EURUKO 2008: Native Extensions”

  1. […] Type-along tutorial on how to write C extension for Ruby. Very interesting, this could actually make me write C code again… He has started talking on cats and tigers and it seems like he wants to teach us how arrays work in C. Booooooooring. Finally he is done with this and is back on the interesting topics like conversion of data types. Overall a really interesting talk. By far the best one today so far. Tim’s post with code samples and links. […]

  2. Thanks for your interesting talk!

  3. […] Tim Becker was introducing Native C Extensions for Ruby, and fortunately he said “now, everyone, follow along with this example”. I’d never done native C extensions, but I’d received lots of requests from RubyGem developers on how to do it. I had no idea. […]

  4. Dr Nic sagt:

    Your presentation helped me add an extconf generator to newgem:


  5. Dr Nic sagt:

    I also started a Textmate bundle for writing C extensions –

    So, I think you gave a productive session 🙂